About Us


Based in Manchester, E&TH complete detailed design, supply and install bespoke electrical and trace heating systems. From small frost protection circuits to vast oil and gas temperature maintenance installations – and everything in between.

E&TH provide innovative solutions for commercial and industrial applications for process heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection and hot water maintenance.

Our team hold the required qualifications in safety and competence to assure each project is completed to a professional high standard.

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and help our customers and suppliers to do the same. This means that as a business, we strive to operate as efficiently as possible with minimal waste.

E&TH are committed to quality by getting everything right from the outset. Competency and accountability are driven by a management that sees the importance of empowering employees. That is why we are proud of all our workforce who are passionate about gaining positive customer feedback and building long lasting relationships with our clients.

We would be delighted, given the opportunity to provide your company with a quotation that should fit in line with your requirements and be commercially acceptable to your project budgets for any of the disciplines mentioned.

Applications using trace heating cables are ever growing, other examples include:

Concrete Curing

This method is to improve the amount of time the concrete takes to solidify, ensuring project milestones are met when casting vast amounts.

Fire Protection

Wet fire protection or sprinkler systems that are situated in environments that regularly encounter sub zero temperatures are required to be protected from frost by BS-EN12845

Food and Beverage

Many food stuffs use sugary ingredients that can become congealed at lower temperatures and can clog pipework. Temperature maintenance systems will alleviate this problem.

Ramp, Pavement & Staircase Heating

Inclined gradients that are used for foot or automobile traffic will become extremely hazardous if ice were to form on the surface. ETH can provide solutions to prevent ice and snow formation during harshest winter conditions.


ETH will approach each project individually so that the client is provided the right solution for their problem.

We can offer a range of trace heating cables, from leading manufacturers. Constant wattage, self-regulating, mineral insulated elements, single or 3 phase series resistance cables can be sourced and supplied to fall in line with your requirements and to be commercially acceptable to your project budgets.
Temperature control solutions range from basic control capillary thermostats through to bespoke, remote control panels with PLC configuration that can be integrated into your existing control and safety systems.